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The Evolution of WILD Digital: From Dream to Reality

In 2018, I had an idea. It was just a spark of inspiration, a fleeting thought that I couldn't shake off. Sharing this idea with someone remarkable led to something truly AMAZING.

Enter Deb Hetherington. Her energy, enthusiasm, and incredible capability transformed my dream into reality. While I merely dreamed, Deb made things happen, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Thus, WILD Digital was born. It's worth noting that WILD Digital isn't just Women in Leeds Digital; we rebranded three years ago. 

But what is WILD Digital, really? It has no bank account, no employees, no official status or hierarchy. Not one person involved has the time to do the things we do, yet we all just do it.

And we do it for one reason: we genuinely believe in the importance of a fair and diverse workforce in the digital realm. Every small intervention we make as a team changes the future for at least one more individual.

Since its inception, WILD Digital has touched over 4,000 attendees, hosted over 100 events, and made countless interventions in creating a more diverse workforce within digital. This was only possible thanks to the contributions of nearly every business, non-profit, and educational provider in the region.

I’m proud to say everyone involved is part of one of the largest networks of women, people from wider diverse backgrounds and advocates in the UK!

WILD Digital is composed of people I deeply admire. This year, it has truly taken on a life of its own, evolving into a collective effort. What started as a thought in my head has become a shared vision, infused with the diverse perspectives and talents of all involved. It's beautiful, and with a team, it can achieve so much more.

As WILD Digital grows, changes, and evolves, its flame burns bright because of all of you. I just want to say a massive thank-you to all our board-members; some who are new to the journey and some who have been here since the start of time. 

Thank you all for believing in this vision and for your unwavering dedication. Together, we are making a difference. I hope we continue to break barriers, change the narrative and drive even more impact for our community. 

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