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Meet Megan Lipp, who is on a mission to empower under-represented students and communities to consider a career in tech!

Megan heads up growth at Ahead Partnership, an impact-led consultancy focused on building partnerships with purpose, engaging with some of the most under-represented students and communities through programmes aimed to spark excitement in our young people on the possibility of a career in technology. Over the past 3 years, Ahead Partnership has supported circa 40000 young people in Leeds to get excited about technology. Megan is a firm believer that a career in tech is accessible, progressive and can be life-changing for our young people and their families. 


What motivated you to pursue your current career?


I’ve always had a passion for forging a career where I positively impact society. It really shouldn’t matter where you are born, what environment you grew up in, or what social circles you have; you should always have a chance to have a job that you are passionate about, enjoy, and be successful in. Which why I love what I do.


What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career?


I’m most proud of Ahead's impact over the past 20 years. 80% of our young people have said that participating in our activities has improved their confidence, self-belief and resilience. I’m led by impact and the difference my work can achieve. I am also very proud of being a working mum to 2 beautiful boys!


What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned throughout your career?


To be patient and resilient. Not everything in life is easy or comes quickly. 


Tell us why you joined the WILD board... 


I joined WILD to be the voice of education. I feel I’m in a unique position working in industry and education and can help be the bridge to support the digital skills gap. 


What barriers do we as a Society still need to overcome when it comes to creating a more accessible inclusion culture globally?


Some barriers are more obvious than others. Over the years, we’ve always focused on diversity, but social mobility often gets overlooked when it comes to inclusion. More support and understanding of the barriers to entry is needed, with more employers committing to making sure entry pathways are accessible to all. 


What advice would you give to someone just starting their career? 


Be curious and be never afraid to ask questions. No one knows all the right answers, but asking when you don’t know is a real sign of confidence. Also always have integrity and true to yourself. You will forge a career around this and be valued in a culture that nurtures you rather than hinders!

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