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Racial Diversity in Digital Leeds Report

In partnership with Diverse & Equal

Leeds has the commitment and power to be the catalyst for national change

WILD Digital has evolved over the last 4 years and now sees its place in the Leeds Digital ecosystem as the community organisation which supports and partners with the right people to make true change when there is inequality.

Every day  we see panels, reports, pots of fund and huge amounts of time invested into racial diversity conversation but it feels that there is very little action.

When we come back to the measurables the dial hasn’t changed.

Leeds is a special city with a connected community which understand that working together doesn’t detract from our own profitability and focus but gives us the power to make greater change as a whole.

The project has been about us taking time to really understand the now, our communities lived experience and set real world objectives about how we can make real sustainable, incremental and real change across our city.

This is just the beginning of Leeds journey, but we have already shown we can be brave together and challenge the topic of racial diversity which at times makes us afraid and uncomfortable.  

We thank our amazing partners in this project who conducted and delivered the research

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